Four Months Later, Tulsa Mother Waiting To Get Daughter Back

Monday, January 12th 2015, 6:39 pm
By: News On 6

I told you about baby Bragg in September. She was five weeks old at the time and had bruises, broken ribs, a bite mark and a brain bleed. Police arrested and charged the baby's father with abuse.

The baby's mother has never been charged with a crime, yet now, four months later, she still doesn't have her daughter back. The baby is still placed with the suspect's brother.

Baby Bragg's broken bones and eyes are almost healed, and she's making progress in her weekly physical therapy, according to her mother, Alicia Slader.

Slader gets to see baby Bragg one hour, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, during supervised visits at DHS.

"It takes everything I have not to break down and lose it. She's growing up so quick," Slader said.

Slader says when she learned her husband, Robert Bragg, was arrested for abusing their daughter, she filed for divorce, filed for a protective order and moved out. She has a nursery all ready for her daughter to come home too, but that hasn't happened.

Even though she wasn't charged with a crime, police tell us they believe Alicia should've known it was happening. She argues she'd had her daughter to the doctor several times and they never raised any concerns, so how could she have known if doctors didn't.

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"I can understand they want to protect her, but, I don't see why I'm the one she needs protecting from. I've never laid a h and on her, nor would I ever," she said.

She says on the advice of her last attorney, she did plead no contest to failure to protect and neglect through DHS and is taking parenting classes, CPR, first aid and self defense and getting counseling

In the meantime, she's worried that Robert Bragg has bonded out of jail and could be around their daughter, since her foster parent is Robert Bragg's brother.

"DHS told me there's not a written no contact order, but there is a verbal understanding between the foster parents and my ex that he is to have no contact with her whatsoever," Slader said.

Slader says she has one more class to complete and it should be done by June and she hopes to have her daughter back by then, if not sooner.

Robert Bragg has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting his next court date. His attorney says there is more to this story and asks everyone to keep an open mind until the case is heard in court.