Basketball Tournament Held Amid Concerns At Oologah Schools

Friday, January 9th 2015, 11:47 pm
By: News On 6

The Health Department is still testing to determine what killed an Oologah 6-year-old Monday. The Health Department is still testing to find out what killed Jenny Yang, but said testing could take another week.

Even with unanswered questions, things are slowly returning to normal at Oologah Schools; in fact, the school hosted a basketball tournament Friday night that was delayed earlier this week due to concerns over the illness.

School was canceled Thursday and Friday as a cleaning crew went through the building.

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The state health department assured the schools playing in the tournament that they are confident it is safe on campus and that they do not believe there is a public health emergency.

Even with that, some students did not play.

"We had two or three parents call with a concern with whether or not we were playing. I think we actually did have one parent say that they weren't going to send their child, which is fine," said Inola High School principal, Paul Gruenberg.

Gruenberg, said when the 2015 basketball tournament being held at Oologah schools was rescheduled Thursday he knew there would be concerns; but after making calls, said administrators feel the students are not in harm's way.

"My superintendent took the initiative to contact Rogers County Health Department they then referred him to the Oklahoma State Department of Health and they told him that there was no reason why you shouldn't continue to play in the basketball tournament," Gruenberg said.

Oologah Schools hired crews that spent the day before the tournament cleaning the lower elementary, the gym and the buses as a precaution.

This all stems from the death of 6-year-old Yang, who was sent home from school with a fever and then died.

State health officials are still trying to figure out what caused it.

In the meantime, principal Gruenberg said they're ok with students playing at the school.

"Obviously our hearts go out to the family of the young girl that died. I think Oologah has handled it the best way they could. They've been in contact with the different schools involved in the tournament to try to keep them up to date as best they can," said Gruenberg.

As of right now, state health officials said test results on how the little girl died should be released sometime next week.

As for the school, the superintendent said they do plan to resume classes Monday.