Grove Singer's Song Dedicated To Late Father Goes Viral

Tuesday, January 6th 2015, 11:59 pm

A singer/songwriter from Grove is touching hearts around the world.

A song Meagan White wrote for her father, who committed suicide, has been seen more than 2 million times in less than a week.

“I think he's smiling, wherever he is, Heaven hopefully...I think he's smiling, I think he'd be very proud of me,” White said.

With each chord and every painful, yet profound word, there's a purpose.

“Something like this, and a song like this, can touch so many hearts and so many people can relate to it,” White said. “I kind of feel like my dad, he's pushing me, he's telling me, 'Hey Meagan, you need to go out there and do it,' means the world.”

"Gone" is the song White wrote for her father, Paul, who took his own life three years ago.

“He suffered for years with his demons and I just think it got the best of him in the end,” she said.

The end came too soon, it always does; but for Meagan it was in the blink of an eye, it seemed.

“Even though we didn't have a lot of time, I miss the times we had,” she sings.

White's dad wasn't a part of her life, until about a year before he died. The two met for the first time when she was 16 and playing a gig.

“He was like, 'You're everything I wish I could have been.' Things like that, little comments like that, still play in my mind,” she said.

After that, the two were together every chance they got.

“He was always energetic. He was always just so full of life. I've never met anyone like him,” she said. “It just meant the world that I got that chance.”

Her love for music must have come from her dad, she said. Paul, too, was a musician.

As for Meagan's singing career, it started in church at a young age in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she grew up.

“I was the little 3-year-old, curly head, little girl singing on stage singing Jesus Loves Me,” Meagan said.

As she grew older, writing and singing became her best way to cope. But “Gone” is more than just a song, the most personal and powerful verse is a prayer.

“God please have mercy on his soul cause I need to see his face again.

The devil proves even angels sometimes fall.

And I pray that He will wash away and forgive a lost man's sin.”

“You question that ‘cause I'm Christian and I grew up in church and I know The Bible says that's an unforgivable sin. And I pray that God takes mercy on my dad's soul,” White said with tears in her eyes.

Until this past week, she had always felt alone in her heartache. Then, practically overnight, she had support from total strangers all over world.

“The way I see it, it's turned into something so beautiful,” White said. “I'm so thankful. I'm just thankful that this song, that my music means something to somebody, that's my goal in life.”

With one video post to Facebook, “Gone” is at more than 2.3 million views and it's been shared by 75,000 people.

Visit Meagan's Facebook page here.

More than anything, it's changed White's life, just like she is changing the lives of others.

“People say this song saved their life and that, for me, is more than I ever could have imagined for my music,” she said. “That's my dream. As a songwriter and a musician, that's my dream.”

She's not only a songwriter and musician, but she's also a mother, wife, doctor's assistant and college student.

In her free time she can be found singing locally around Grand Lake and in Northwest Arkansas.

As of late, she's been trying to respond to the hundreds of messages fans have sent her - so many she said she just can't keep up anymore.

“I want to tell them they're not alone. They're never alone, and to stay strong and to believe they're gonna see their loved ones again,” White said.

One day she hopes to land a country-music record deal, which might happen sooner than she ever expected.

Since posting the video, she said she has been contacted by some folks in the music industry.

She also noted “Gone” could be for sale on iTunes very soon.

White plans to put a portion of the proceeds, she said, toward teen suicide awareness and prevention.

“When you grow up broken, you grow into broken adults,” she said.

One thing that can be said, undoubtedly, is White has grown to be a beautiful person with sensational talent.

“I want to write music that people can laugh to and can cry to, music that touches their hearts,” she said.

Right now, White is raising money to help pay for her to record and promote three songs, including “Gone.”