Tulsa Police Debut On 'The First 48' This Week

Monday, January 5th 2015, 11:22 pm
By: News On 6

Thursday, the nation will get an inside look at how Tulsa Police investigate homicides.

Since July, crews from A&E's The First 48 have been following detectives as they try to solve murder cases in the hours after they're committed.

Tulsa's lead homicide detective, Sergeant Dave Walker said he's already seen the episode and hopes it will give Tulsans an idea of how hard everyone in the department works to solve cases.

For the most part, Tulsa police have gotten used to having the camera crews around.

Thursday night, Tulsa, will make its national debut, along with New Orleans, Atlanta and Minneapolis.

Since July A&E crews have been at every homicide scene documenting how Tulsa's police department works to close cases in the critical 48 hours after they happen.

"Everybody in this department wants to solve a murder and, with The First 48 here the citizens will want to get involved, so why not," Walker said.

The hour long episode will focus on the July murder of Richard Parker.

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He was found shot to death in his vehicle outside the Tonight Inn and Suites near Memorial and Admiral.

Just two days later investigators arrested Kordarius Scott, now charged with first degree murder.

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"It is an opportunity for Tulsa to go nationwide on our investigations and maybe we are doing some things that other departments can look at and say, ‘Well, maybe we should employ that tactic or method,'" said Walker.

Or, Walker said, maybe they will learn some things from other cities; either way, the camera crews are here to stay for another six months.

"The good thing is, it gives the detectives that are actually doing the heavy lifting a chance to get out and shine," Walker said.

Detectives, like 26 year veteran Dianna Baumann, who said she's gotten used to the cameras being around.

“You kind of feel left out if they're not there in case they miss something, so it is kind of an odd relationship,” Baumann said.

Walker said even once the crews pack up and leave they will treat each investigation like they did while they were here and before they even arrived.

Different homicides in the city will be focused on each week throughout the season.