Tulsa Boxer Makes His Way Back To The Ring

Tuesday, December 30th 2014, 6:14 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa boxer Allan Green was at the top of the boxing world when medical problems forced him out of the sport. He's now fighting to get back into the ring.

Green's professional career was off to promising start, with 23 consecutive wins, before he was forced into retirement. He began climbing up the super-middleweight division at the beginning of 2010. Throughout his professional career he had shots at a belt, but his health problems persisted. "I always say two-thirds of being sleepy, sick, [and] tired is mental. I never gave myself the proper time to recover," said Green.

Green came down with a medical condition called colonic inertia three years before his big title fight, which made it necessary for 85 percent of his colon to be removed. The condition was the reason for Green's adrenal fatigue. "[I had a lot] of problems: health problems, hormonal problems, thyroid problems. I started having extreme issues with weight; I started blowing up,” stated Green.

Instead of fixing it, he still fought. He explained that he was being a man and honoring his (fight) contracts.

When Green prepared to fight Ward, he lived off of 32 ounces of water and a bowl of soup a day. He also drank Nyquil just to go to sleep. "I was going into fights, knowing I was only 60 [to] 70 percent. As [a] fighter I thought I could get by on my talent, but you can only go to the well so many times."

Due to his health, his training suffered. Without a follow-up, things weren't looking so good for Green. "My energy was low, my skin looked funny, my hair was brittle, [and] my hair fluctuated. I mean, I couldn't lose weight. I felt terrible,” said Green. "I started getting this reputation that I wasn't making weight, and ‘Allan Greene, he doesn't train anymore. He's lazy,' and that's cliché for a lot of fighters, but that's not me and it was hurtful.”

Green then made the decision to step down for a bit. Most importantly, he finally got a follow-up for his condition. He turned down three fight offers this past year.

During the waiting process, ending his career wasn't a consideration for Green. "I want to fight. I mean, I see everything going on in my division and I'm hungry,” Green stated. "I'm a fighter. I love to do it."

Green wants to continue his career, now that he is healthier. "I would love to see me fighting again. When I say me, I mean the person I now, the man I am right now."

Green has lined up a fight in March, and is hoping to schedule a fight for the beginning of 2015. He says he's got years left in him. Throughout his journey, the 35 year old has learned much more to life. He now helps with kids, and speaks about life to students at Carver Middle School.

Green is an avid writer and comic book collector. He has already released inspirational and adult books, some reflecting his past. "When I'm writing, I almost feel like I do when I'm fighting, almost like I'm getting revenge for something,” said the fighter.

For now, his revenge is on past issues. Regaining his world class status in the ring is important to him. Due to his experiences, his outlook on boxing has improved. "I actually feel better now than I did years ago. This game is ninety percent mental, and the other ten percent is mental. It's on me," Green stated. "I have a statement to make, not just to the world, not just to the fans, not just to Tulsa, but I have a statement I have to make to myself. I had a promise as a child in my early 20s, and I have to make good on that.”

Green plans to fight in the light-heavyweight division when he returns to the ring.

He hopes to schedule his first match somewhere in the Tulsa area, before the one in March that has already been booked.