What's Open And Who's Working On Christmas

Thursday, December 25th 2014, 7:05 pm
By: News On 6

Police and first responders work around the clock during the holidays to keep people safe. Others are also working the Christmas holiday, feeding people while other stores are closed down.

The Corner Café and a ton of other businesses were open early Christmas morning, to serve up food throughout the day.

This is the 16th year that Mandy Johnson has worked on Christmas Day at the Corner Café at 11th and Peoria. For Johnson it's business as usual. "Got to pay the bills," she said.

When most grocery stores are closed, people turn to convenience stores. Quik Trip customer Kendall Overton said QuikTrip is always a place to go, because it is open on Christmas day. “It's my favorite place to go," Overton stated.

The QuikTrip at 11th and Utica is busy this holiday. “I think it's pretty cool. I mean, a lot of businesses are closed. I went to the coffee house to get coffee, but they were closed,” said Hosea Hudson, another QuikTrip customer.

Hudson is grateful that clerks are working the holiday, to keep stores running. He said it shows dedication. “I think it's a good thing that they sacrificed spending time with their families to service people who need a cup of Joe like myself,” Hudson stated.

Thursday's traffic is light, but over the road truck drivers at the stop near I-44 and Garnett are on the clock, keeping America moving. Truck driver Oscar Sosa said it's been quiet on the road this Christmas. “Trucking never stops. It never does,” said Carl Sutton, another truck driver.

While Sutton was waiting to make a pick-up, he called his friends and family to wish them a Merry Christmas.