Tulsa Firefighters Deliver Gifts To Injured Children

Wednesday, December 24th 2014, 6:25 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Some Tulsa firefighters finished up their shopping early so they could pass gifts along to children injured by burns this year.

One of the firefighters said they try to remember the children affected by fires and burns this time of year.

They already have a very successful camp for burn survivors in the summer, but they don't want to forget them at Christmas either.

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They may not have had a big pile of presents but the firefighters, who put their money together for this effort, weren't trying to overwhelm with their generosity.

Camilo Sanchez and some friends in a bible study just wanted to help out with the basics, and a little bit more.

On their day off, a small group of firefighters drove Engine 18 to a house where a family needed some encouragement at Christmas.

They have already made several of the trips to help out children who have been burned. They're kids who are part of the annual burn camp.

“Kids that have been burned in these accidents, they have all these medical bills that build up and their Christmas is shot. They don't get the things they need, coats and underwear and toys even. We're just, it's not much, but we're just trying to give back to the community,” Sanchez said.

The family they helped out Wednesday has a little girl, just 18 months old, who pulled a pan of hot water off a stove back in October.

She had burns on her arms and legs, but she's recovering, after getting skin grafts.

She was one of the children firefighters decided to help with some gifts on Christmas Eve.

"And so, just as a group, our bible study group, we came together, took the chance to give back to kids and families, and what better than a kid involved in our burn camp and has been burned, and has a special place in our heart,” said Tulsa Firefighter, Matt Dickerson.