Wagoner County Officers, Heroes Rescue Baby Trapped In Overturned Truck

Friday, December 19th 2014, 10:34 pm
By: News On 6

The stars aligned for a 13-month-old boy and his parents after the family's truck veered off Highway 69 in Wagoner and flipped Thursday morning.

The parents got out, but their baby was trapped in his car seat with his head under water; and in the seconds that followed, two police officers became heroes.

An officer happened to be near the accident when the 911 call came in. When he got there he heard the mom screaming, "My baby," and from there, it was instinctive.

"I reach up under there, and he's lifeless. There wasn't no life in him," said Officer Andrew Evans with the Wagoner Police Department.

The baby was ice cold and trapped in the truck, upside down, securely fastened in his car seat with his head under water.

"It was a five point harness and I got the bottom clip out, but the four points were still on him and I couldn't figure out how to get it off," Evans said.

The back windows near the car seat, were the only ones knocked out which allowed the parents to try and save the baby once they escaped.

When Evans arrived, he only had moments to save the child's life.

"I grabbed my knife, and I reached under there, and I made sure his head was down, and I cut the first strap and I tried to manipulate him out of it, but he was still stuck," Evans said.

It wasn't a piece of his police equipment, but Evans' own pocket knife that cut him loose.

Soon after, Officer Donnie Cox arrived on scene and swooped in.

"When I got there, he had a baby in his arms and he said, 'I can't get him flat on the ground, take him,'" Cox said.

Together the officers performed CPR.

"The baby was ice cold. He wasn't breathing. His eyes were shut, I mean, he didn't have any life in him whenever we had a hold of him," Cox said.

The seconds felt like hours before paramedics arrived and took the baby to the hospital.

The officers are in awe of the outcome.

Evans and Cox got to see the baby again, alive and alert.

The little guy will be home in time for Christmas and Evans said that's a God thing.

"He put me where I needed to be and He put those windows busted where they needed to be out there so that mom and dad could get out of there, and I could get that baby out of there," he said.

It's the best gift they'll get this holiday season.

"To have a child that's clinging to life in your arms, and you help, it don't get no better than that," said Cox.

The officers now have a relationship with the family that is sure to last years.

The parents already invited them hunting and fishing, an invite the whole Wagoner police department might try and take them up on.