EXCLUSIVE: Elderly Muskogee Woman Tells Of Being Robbed, Beaten

Tuesday, November 25th 2014, 7:10 pm

Thieves have twice targeted an 83-year-old Muskogee woman in the past few days. On one occasion, Joy Vogel, was pistol-whipped by a robber.

“When a kid comes in with a gun and puts it right your face, you're gonna be a little startled,” she said.

She said she's not scared anymore. Despite a badly bruised eye and a being attacked twice in her own home, Vogel is finding reasons to smile.

“The good Lord helps me, He's been helping me a good many years,” she said.

Over the years, Joy has almost lost her hearing, so she didn't know when three masked men kicked in her back door Saturday night.

“Sitting right here watching television and they just come in the door from the dining room, they come in the back,” she said.

Joy's not sure how long the men were in her house before they confronted her, but when they did, she couldn't hear their demands and was attacked.

“He hit me with a fist that had the gun in it, twice. He hit me there,” she said pointing to her eye, “and he hit in back of the head, I have a big knot back here.”

That night the men got away with about $100 cash, money Joy had just taken out of the bank to pay a lawn care worker. They also broke her glasses.

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The criminals weren't done yet. Exactly 48 hours later on Monday night, they went back.

The second time, they snatched her purse where she kept her $2000 hearing aid and her car keys.

“Well, they wouldn't pick on somebody their own age because they'd probably beat 'em up,” Joy said while rocking in her recliner.

She said the crooks stole her car Monday night, but police recovered it and returned it to her.

“It's an old car, but there were some scratches on it,” she said.

Joy fears the men will come after her again, and since she doesn't have any family to check on her, Muskogee Police stepped in.

“Basically we just all came together and said, ‘Ya know, this is a problem that needs to be fixed and we're all gonna come together and fix it for her,'” Sergeant Michael Mahan said.

Two off-duty officers installed a stronger door and Security Alarms Company installed an alarm system free of charge.

“I'm amazed that they would do this for me,” Joy said.

Amazed, but also grateful, she said good almost always outweighs evil.

“I asked God to talk to those guys' hearts and maybe he can change 'em because we sure can't,” Joy said.

A witness reported seeing the three men leave in pickup truck with two other men Saturday. The truck is described as older and rust-colored.

Police are hoping anyone with any information will call the department at 918-638-800 or the Muskogee Crime Stoppers 918.682-Cops.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest; and until then, police are zoning in on Joy's house.

“It appears she's being targeted so we've got increased patrols in this area and we're gonna be watching things real closely,” Mahan said.

Police say the intruder who pistol whipped Joy is described as a possible black male, about 6 feet tall with a thin build. He was wearing a ski mask and gray hooded sweatshirt. The other two men were wearing dark-colored hooded sweatshirts with their heads and faces covered by the hoods.