Lankford, Shannon Square Off In News On 6 Debate

Wednesday, June 18th 2014, 11:10 pm
By: News On 6

Oklahoma's top Republicans for the U.S. Senate sparred right in our studio. They took jabs at negative campaigning, government spending and President Obama.

Overall it was a civil debate, but both candidates seem fed up with the Affordable Care Act and the violence in Iraq, they both agreed on what the United States should do as far as intervening at this point.

Congressman James Lankford and former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon met at the News On 6 Studios Wednesday night.

We asked the voters to submit some questions they felt were most important. One of the first issues addressed was the escalating violence in Iraq. Both candidates agreed the United States does not need to intervene at this point.

"There is no national interest for the United States, unless they begin establishing terror training camps to attack the United States," Lankford said.

Shannon said, "I certainly don't think we need to be having a long term conflict after pulling out, so I agree with Lankford on this."

A number of questions submitted asked how the two felt about the Affordable Healthcare Act. Shannon called it a failed policy.

"Introduce and re-introduce. We need to introduce free market principals back, and put patients and doctors back in charge, not the government. We need to promote free principals," he said.

Lankford also said it needs to be repealed.

"States that want it can stay in and states that don't, like Oklahoma, can get out. If you like Obamacare you can use it, if you don't you can get out and manage your own healthcare decision," Lankford said.

We also asked about the education in the state of Oklahoma, including Common Core.

"We don't need Common Core, but now that it's been set aside, it does put the burden on our state, and our lawmakers have to step up and say we have to set the standards," Lankford said.

"I coauthored the bill to repeal Common Core because I don't think the federal government should have any role in education, at any levels, it absolutely should be local control," said Shannon.

Another question they were asked was, what is the greatest threat to national security, and they both said the debt.

Lankford said it slows down military development and Shannon said the threat lies in politicians that continue to vote to increase it.

The election will be held June 24th. You can learn more about the candidates in all the upcoming races online.

If you missed the live airing of the debate between Lankford and Shannon, you can watch the video clips above. Mobile viewers can find the in the Video section.