Wagoner Principal Could Be Released After Controversial Senior Prank

Wednesday, June 18th 2014, 6:14 pm
By: News On 6

What was intended to be good-natured fun may cost a high school principal his job. Wagoner County School Board members voted Wednesday to notify Larry Milligan of his possible dismissal because of this year's extreme senior prank.

The superintendent and principal said the prank went as planned, but parents and some seniors are still upset after a student ended up in the hospital, the halls were trashed, ceiling tiles were busted and the stench of stink bait filled the halls.

"I am hoping that our school board, our school system, will start making those accountable and responsible for their actions," said parent Carrie Dumond.

The campus may be clean now, but the mess left behind is being reviewed by school board members.

In April, Superintendent Monte Thompson told News On 6, senior night was a success and was supervised by Milligan.

"I do not believe you can consider it a success if you put a child in the hospital and you've had to suspend other kids and put them in INT; that is not a success," said Dumond.

Senior pranks are a tried and true tradition, but Dumond said this one was out of hand compared to others.

"I had a child that graduated in 2013 and he participated in his senior prank. It went really well, it was balloons, streamers, fun type stuff. This year's was nothing like that," she said.

Even some seniors agree.

"We've been planning it, and this is not what we've planned at all," said senior Cherokee Ridge.

This year's mess is causing school board members to warn the principal a pink slip is possible.

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"I think it's time for him to go, yes. Yes. He has caused too many problems since he has been here," Dumond said.

Neither the superintendent nor the principal were at Wednesday's board meeting.

School board members will work with an attorney on the next steps regarding the possible termination.