Oklahomans 200 Miles Away Feel Recent Earthquakes

Monday, June 16th 2014, 5:48 pm
By: Craig Day

Two earthquakes shook Oklahoma Monday morning, both happened northwest of Spencer in Oklahoma County. The first one was at 5:30 a.m. and had a magnitude of 3.5. The second hit about 15 minutes later, and was stronger, measuring at 4.2.

There aren't any reports of injuries or damage, but the earthquakes have a lot of people talking. People are reporting feeling the rumbling in areas that are 150 to 200 miles away.

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One Muskogee County woman said she couldn't believe it was happening.

Gail Ward and her husband always get up early to plan the things that have to get done during the day at their ranch in Muskogee County. So the Monday morning earthquakes didn't wake them up, but they sure opened their eyes.

"All of a sudden we felt this shake, you know everywhere, and my husband looked at me and said ‘what in the world was that,'" Ward said.

Back to back earthquakes hit about 125 miles away in Oklahoma County. Preliminary U.S. Geological Survey estimates show the first was a 3.5, the second was 4.2.

"When it first started, it just shook. That's all you did, is just shook," said Ward.

She said the shaking lasted about ten seconds. It's the first time she's experienced an earthquake, and she can't help but wonder if it will happen again.

"I'm worried about all of my good china, and some of my good glass up higher on my shelves," Ward said. "I'm kind of wondering now if I should move them down lower if this ever happens again."

On the Oklahoma Geological Survey website, you can describe what the earthquake felt like.

There's a section for frequently asked questions, even an email link where you can ask a seismologist questions.

"Startled us for a second, because that doesn't happen around here very often," Ward said.

Our latest earthquakes give us a good chance to remind you, homeowner's insurance policies don't cover earthquake damage. You have to get special insurance coverage.