Rogers County Man And EMT In Jail After Meth Bust

Wednesday, June 11th 2014, 11:19 pm
By: News On 6

Two men are in the Rogers County Jail after a meth bust. The suspects are accused of being a little too honest with undercover deputies.

Sheriff Scott Walton said it was the work of their THUG task force, made up of only two deputies, and named after the people they try to apprehend.

They said meth is everywhere these days, and in this case, they said being used by someone you might never expect.

Rogers County Sheriff's Investigators said two men, suspected meth cook Robert Lavern and paramedic Jacob Kinnon, were fairly confident in their abilities, or so an undercover Rogers County Sheriff's Investigator claims they told him.

"At that time, Mr. Lavern kinda chuckled and said ‘I'm the one that gives them the stuff that stops their heart, and Jacob brings them back,' and then, of course, they both began to laugh," said the investigator.

Rogers County had been investigating Lavern for about a year after a number of complaints.

"The individual that came forward, he was adamant about trying to get him out of the community because he tried to offer his 18-year-old daughter methamphetamine for her first time," the investigator said.

As for Kinnon, they just kind of stumbled upon him and his EMT uniform hanging in his car.

"He was fixing to start a 60-hour work week as an EMT over in Owasso, due to his new schedule, and that he needed a bump and a pick-me-up to work that shift," said the investigator.

Both were arrested by the Rogers county THUG task force. A further search of the home showed evidence of a homemade meth lab; pipes, pills, and measuring scales.

"We're blessed to have a steady flow of information coming in. Most of the time, by the time we make an arrest we've received multiple tips, you know, from good, concerned people," said Rogers County Sheriff, Scott Walton.

"You've him bringing in kids up there that are in high school, you've got him offering it to young, teenage girls. That's more of the win for us, getting that narcotic out of the hands of the teenagers and trying to stop that cycle of abuse," the investigator said.

Miller Emergency Medical Services, based out of Medford, did confirm that Kinnon was hired as an EMT in Owasso on May 1st, but with his arrest, they have placed him under administrative leave pending an internal investigation.