Investigation Continues For Controversial Wagoner Senior Prank

Tuesday, June 10th 2014, 11:16 pm
By: News On 6

Fallout from a senior prank sent the Wagoner School Board into a two-hour long executive session Tuesday night.

Parents waited outside, curious about potential punishments, but their long wait for answers left them empty handed. They said the issue is really dividing the town.

After the board came out of their session they said their lawyer will continue to investigate and the superintendent had no comment.

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It's the second time the board has gone into executive session over this issue. The late April prank went awry with the high school being damaged and one student had to be hospitalized for a concussion.

The prank is an annual event and usually stays under control. It is sanctioned and approved by the district administration, but after what happened this year, parents are asking for accountability from the principal and superintendent; some even calling for their resignations.

Parents said they're happy that the investigation will continue and they didn't just close the books on it, but they were still left wanting more.

Parent Dana Robertson, said, "I mean, I think we have good teachers and buildings. It is just the administration. It's very frustrating."

The last we heard from Wagoner Police is that they have launched their own investigation.