Developer Hopes To Make The Pearl District Tulsa's Next Hotspot

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014, 11:07 pm
By: News On 6

A developer is working to bring Tulsa's next neighborhood hotspot to life. He hopes to outshine the Brady and the Blue Dome by polishing the Pearl District.

Along 6th Street there are a number of great spaces. Many of those spaces are already filled with yoga studios and coffee houses.

In a few weeks, one building will house a new Mediterranean Restaurant; and that's just the beginning of the plans for the district.

The potential for the Pearl District is endless.

Developer Khaled Rahhal, said, "Every time you will walk in here you'll see something you haven't seen in clubs, and bars before."

A boxing gym, a jazz bar, a restaurant with outdoor seating and a live music venue are all visions of Rahhal. It will start with Papa Ganouj, set to open by the end of June.

"Is really the beginning for some people, it has been the beginning for me as of 40 years ago," said Rahhal.

Rahhal owns many of the buildings on 6th Street, and has for decades. Life got in the way and things got busy, but now he said he's ready to bring the area back to life as an eclectic, arts and music friendly little village.

"I hope that I can make a haven for these kind of people before I'm done and gone totally," Rahhal said.

Also on the list is development on a private park and some outdoor dining restaurants.

Rahhal's Business Partner, Greg Donnini, and Pearl District association president Julian Morgan couldn't be happier with the buzz surrounding the area.

"It's kinda been a long time coming. Like, a lot of people have kinda been doing some grassroots, kinda behind the scenes work for a long time," said Morgan.

Donnini said, "He's always seen the promise in this neighborhood. He's a good guy to work with and work for and he dreams big."

The project on the park will begin immediately after the new restaurant has opened.

David Sharp, who owns most of the buildings in the Brady District, has some projects in the works as well.