Tulsa Girl, 8, Recovering After Hit And Run

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014, 1:23 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police are looking for the driver who hit and 8-year-old girl and kept going. It happened just before noon in the 4100 block of South Union Avenue.

The little girl is going to be OK.

She and her friend had spent the night together and went across the street to a park. They were on their way back when the older girl, 11, saw the car and stopped. The younger child did not and ran right into it.

Eleven-year-old Jaden Anderson got a big hug from her grandma after seeing her good friend, Andrea, get hit by a car while crossing Union Street in West Tulsa.

"We was going over there to see if the pool was open, and we came back here," Jaden said. "I told her to stop, but she didn't stop."

"Then the car ran over her and stuff flew up in the air," Jaden said.

Tiffany, a witness, was in the car right behind. She immediately slammed on the brakes and jumped out to help the injured child.

"Her leg was straight stiff," Tiffany said. "She kept screaming: 'my leg, my leg, my leg.'''

Instead, Andrea ran into the driver's side of the car. The impact was hard enough that part of the mirror flew off.

Tiffany says it was a shocking thing to see, and she couldn't believe the driver didn't stop. She focused on getting the child help.

"She limped back over here, and she was in so much shock and pain," Tiffany said. "She stood there and said, 'I just want my mom. I know the phone number, will you call her,' and I said, 'let's lay you down and I'll call her.'"

Police say the driver probably couldn't have avoided the accident, so stopping would've been the best answer, but now, they're facing pretty serious charges.

"Always stop and leave your information; it's a lot less trouble than a hit and run charge," said Officer Doug Chism, Tulsa Police Department.

Andrea Diaz's mom is very appreciative of everyone who took care of her daughter after the accident. She said her daughter is home and doing fine. She has no broken bones, just some scrapes and bruises.

Police are looking for a white four-door car, possibly a Chevrolet Corsica or Ford Taurus. If you know who was driving the car, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.