Rogers County 5 Month Old Tests Positive For Drugs; Arrests Made

Thursday, May 1st 2014, 7:11 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County deputies removed a 5-month-old baby from a Foyil home, because they say the child tested positive for methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. Deputies removed the little girl, along with a 2-year-old boy, about two weeks ago during a drug raid.

Deputies say the baby girl's mother admitted she had used meth right before officers arrived with the warrant, and both parents of the little boy admitted they'd been smoking pot beforehand.

They say the kids were living around toxic chemicals, drugs, syringes, pipes and weapons.

Rogers County deputies raided the property after months of surveillance work. They say they found five people cutting meth with a razor blade in the residence out back, along with all the ingredients and tools needed to make meth.

They say they found more evidence of drug use and firearms in the main house, along with the baby girl and toddler boy. Their clothes and toys were in the middle of it all.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton, said, "As a law enforcement officer, or citizen, or anybody who cares for children, you should be alarmed."

Deputies arrested everyone they found at both houses that night, 12 people total, including members of three generations of one family. They each face a variety of drug-related charges and child endangerment.

Helen Bates and her daughter Vicki didn't want to go on camera but said they were shocked the baby had drugs in her system.

"I can't believe that. She's just been here a couple of days," Bates said.

They say the baby's mother, Briana Bates, had left her husband and was staying there temporarily. They said Bates was not breast feeding.

Helen said the toddler and his parents lived with her and she allowed her son Marty, to stay in the other residence to help him get on his feet and had no idea what he and his friends were doing.

She couldn't say much right now because of the pending charges, but the message she wanted to get across was that she was not guilty.

DHS removed the two kids that night and later did a hair follicle test on both. The report shows the boy tested negative but the baby girl had cocaine, meth and pot in her system.

"I hope to some extent it outrages people that think somebody who abuses drugs or has that lifestyle that it's their choice and it's not hurting anybody else. That fact of the matter is they are hurting other people," Walton said.

The baby girl and little boy remain in DHS custody.