Some Say Wagoner Senior Pranks Taken Too Far

Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 12:05 am
By: Tess Maune

Some Green Country parents and students said a senior prank got completely out of hand.

But the Wagoner school superintendent is defending it.

Senior Prank Night at Wagoner High School is an event Cherokee Ridge said she and her classmates have been thinking about since they were freshman.

"We've been planning it, and this is not what we've planned, at all," the senior said.

Video showed the aftermath of the prank, but Ridge gave insight as to what was supposed to have taken place for the senior prank.

"Just fun stuff that everyone would enjoy, and we wouldn't get in trouble for," Ridge said.

She said the planned prank was to park some cars and a pickup in the hallways and hang senior class flags outside, then play innocent pranks throughout the day.

All of the pranks, she said, were first approved by the principal and superintendent.

"There were some that got taken out, and there were some that got approved," Ridge said. "We can do these: we're gonna follow these guidelines, and this is gonna be good."

But Ridge said because of a select group of students, what was supposed to be fun and run smoothly, turned into completely chaos.

"It's not all of us. Some of us had our stuff together and was excited for our fun pranks, and then some people just don't know when to stop, they don't have that maturity to see that there's a line there and that you don't need to cross it," she said.

Pictures showed shaving cream on the walls, hallways trashed and even feces on the floor.

What the pictures don't show is the stink bait that Cherokee says was planted throughout the school.

"I walked in this morning, and the stench hit me like a brick wall. My eyes watered, I had to run out because I wasn't prepared for that smell," Ridge said.

What's worse, teachers told News On 6 that students busted through ceiling tiles and crawled through the ceiling to break into classrooms.

Those teachers said seniors destroyed assignments and left feces on desks.

"It's more than a prank," said mother, Dana Robertson.

Robertson is fired up because her freshman went to school Monday to finish her state tests.

"It's preached to our kids constantly for the whole entire year, it comes down our state testing and it's forgotten about, it's not thought about," said Ridge. "That's not acceptable to me at all."

Robertson said she's not upset with the students, but the administrators.

She wants to know where they were while seniors were trashing the school.

"[The students] know right from wrong, but they were let in by the highest up administration that we have in our school system and so they think it's OK," Ridge said. "Where was the supervision of it being checked when it was all done and over with?," said Robertson.

Superintendent Monte Thompson declined our request for an interview, but denied the school was vandalized and called it a successful senior night supervised by the principal and parents.

Meanwhile, seniors, like Cherokee Ridge, spent hours at school today cleaning up the mess - and apologizing for something she says she tried to stop.

"The rest of us felt horrible and spent the whole day apologizing to everybody for the other people in our class. We're so sorry that we interrupted your school day, we ruined your progress and our class destroyed your classroom," Ridge said.

Ridge said she thinks her class ruined senior prank night for all the under classman.

She told me she'd be surprised if they ever hold the event again.

News On 6 emailed also emailed every school board member for a comment, but has not heard back.

One father called and told us he was at the school during part of the event Sunday. He said was fun and said it is being blown out of proportion.