Volunteer Firefighter: Two Strangers Saved Woman's Life After Tulsa Crash

Monday, April 28th 2014, 5:49 pm
By: Richard Clark

Dennis Gaulding says he now understands why he was running late to work Monday morning. It was so he could help two strangers save a woman's life.

Gaulding was northbound on Highway 169 near the junction with I-244 when he came upon a wreck involving a pickup and a passenger car.

He's a first responder for a volunteer fire department so he knew what to do. He stabilized the neck of the young woman who was driving the car and instructed two other passers-by to disconnect the battery to prevent a fire, while they waited for firefighters and paramedics to arrive.

That's when they heard two loud pops and saw smoke starting to fill up the car. They immediately got the driver out and just 30 seconds later it was engulfed with flames.

A few minutes later police and EMSA arrived and took over the rescue.

Gaulding says he didn't catch the names of the other two men, but says they're heroes.

There's no word on the woman's condition.