High Winds Leave Damage Behind In Owasso

Monday, April 14th 2014, 4:17 pm
By: Craig Day

Snow flurries and the bitter cold wind sure haven't made cleaning up after severe storms any easier.

A school in Owasso and homes in a neighborhood have damage from wind whipping through on Sunday.

After a spring storm, when there's damage, and on top of that the temperature is 40 degrees colder, it's good to have a friend like Ed Burnett.

"I was wanting to go fishing this morning," said Ed Burnett of Owasso. "So he got lucky and got me to do this."

A friend in a neighborhood in Northeast Owasso asked Ed if he could come fix his fence knocked down by the wind. A neighbor's fence is also damaged.

Shingles are ripped off roofs of a number of homes.

"Debris and everything was going around in circles," said Owasso resident Mark Hopkins.

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Two cars in Mark Hopkins' driveway have windows knocked out because of all the flying debris tossed around by very strong wind gusts.

"Heard on the news between 60 and 80, and I bet we came close to the 80," he said of the wind speeds. Really. I'm almost a 500 pound guy, and I was having a heck of a time holding the door when I got curious enough to walk outside."

The strong wind also ripped off part of the roof of a building at Rejoice Christian School's north campus Sunday. Everything inside the kindergarten classroom is now piled up, as restoration crews dry out the room.

Much of the drywall will have to be replaced.

Although only part of the roof was ripped off, the entire roof may have to be replaced, if the pieces of metal punctured holes in the rest of it.

Back near Mark Hopkins' house, the wind was even strong enough to bend several street signs.

"It really tore up the neighborhood," Hopkins said.

But at least Ed Burnett is wrapping up the temporary repairs on his friend's fence.

"We got it done, so he'll be happy," Burnett said. "He don't have to do nothing. But buy my dinner."

The kindergarten students in the classroom damaged at Rejoice will hold class in the school's library until their classroom is repaired.