EXCLUSIVE: Tulsa Mother Wants To Know Who Killed Her Son

Thursday, April 10th 2014, 7:07 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa Mother wants to know who fired the bullet that killed her son this past December. Police were chasing Chris Teeter because he was a kidnapping suspect. They say Teeter, who was high on meth, killed himself as the chase ended, but his Mom said there's no way he did that.

"It's hard on me. It's hard to deal with every day, knowing the way that he went out," Misty Morgan said.

Carrying some of her son's possessions, Morgan stood where police say her son shot and killed himself.

"I know he was scared. I know he was hurting. But I still was hurt to think that he would make the choice to leave us like that," Morgan said.

After learning her 20-year-old son, wanted on a drug warrant, led police on a chase from Woodland Hills Mall to Promenade, police told Morgan her son shot himself inside the car with a shotgun, firing from the right.

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But the medical examiner didn't rule his death a suicide or a homicide. The M.E. said the death is undetermined - and said the fatal shot came from the left.

Morgan doesn't believe her son shot himself.

"I'm angry with Tulsa Police Department for letting me mourn my son as a suicide for four months. I feel like he has died all over again," she said.

Morgan said police could have killed him. During the chase, Teeter fired at officers twice and police shot back several times.

Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker said they did shoot to kill to defend themselves, but missed. He believes the video shows a suicide.

"If they can prove to me I'm wrong, I will go back and admit my wrong, and investigate it all over again and figure out where that shot came from. But there's no way in heck that what I'm seeing here changes my opinion," Walker said.

"They're so callous, as if nobody has any feelings, like he was a monster, and that's not who he was," Morgan said. "He was a very caring child that made some very poor choices and he was lost and he needed some help."

Morgan said she just wants peace. She also wants police to do more to help troubled young adults caught up in drugs, like her son.

The District Attorney has cleared the chase as a legitimate police shooting.