Green Country Teen Busted For Trying To Sell Drugs At School

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014, 10:39 pm
By: News On 6

A Green Country teenager is busted for trying to sell prescription drugs at school. The principal's quick thinking helped stop a situation that could have become deadly.

Police were trying to figure out how the student got her hands on the pills. Investigators said they were not prescribed to her or anyone who lives with her.

People who live on the south side of Muskogee describe Hilldale Public Schools as a peaceful district.

"It's a great school district. People here are very friendly, very family oriented," said parent Ginger Cato.

That's why some were shocked to learn a 17 year old was arrested for attempting to sell prescription pills at her high school.

"It's sad, but unfortunately the times that we live in, it's becoming more and more common, but it isn't something that's typically common here," Cato said.

Muskogee Police Corporal Michael Mahan said the school principal got a tip about a student having muscle relaxers.

"The school acted properly in this situation. They intervened. They acted on the information they had. Fortunately, it turned out before anyone could get a hold of those drugs," Mahan said.

Mahan said the girl had 14 pills separated in small baggies, which was a red flag the pills were going to be sold.

"There is some information available that we're following up on that shows there may have been some communication with another student at the school in terms of either selling drugs, or potentially trading drugs," Mahan said.

She now faces felony charges of possessing a dangerous substance near a school and intent to distribute the drug.

"If somebody takes too many of those, you're looking at a situation that could create an overdose, or even potentially death, if they were misused," said Mahan.

Parents said this is the perfect time to strike up a conversation, with their children.

"We talk about it daily, and I think it's important that parents do that. Discuss it openly and don't be afraid to ask them hard questions, and don't be afraid to make them stand there and answer," Cato said.

Muskogee Police said the pills have been sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's crime lab for analysis.

School administrators said they are conducting their own internal investigation and will be speaking with parents of any children who may have been involved.