Tulsa County Sheriff Asks For Support In Jail Improvements Vote

Tuesday, April 1st 2014, 8:49 am
By: Dave Davis

Folks here in Green Country will go to the polls Tuesday, April 1, set to vote on school bonds issues, and some run-off elections, but it's the sales tax extension for jail improvements stirring the pot.

Voters in Tulsa County are going to see a wide range of issues, depending on where you live. Owasso Schools - for example - is trying to get voters to approve a multi-million dollar bond issue for improvements.

It'sTulsa County Jail tax is what a lot of folks are talking about.

Recently, you may have been getting mailers - postmarked in Wichita - urging you to vote no on Proposition 2, saying "Tulsa taxpayers don't have money to burn."

Proposition 2 would extend a .026 cent sales tax for improvements to the jail.

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Some of the money would also be used to upgrade the mental health wing - something that Sheriff Stanley Glanz says is desperately needed.

"We haven't had the mental health issue that we have today and the staffing to deal with those," said Sheriff Stanley Glanz, Tulsa County.

"To help people with mental problems and youth, I think is very important."

Proposition 1 is similar, only it's asking for a sales tax to improve the juvenile justice center.