Fliers Against Tulsa Jail Tax: 'Taxpayers Don't Have Money To Burn'

Friday, March 28th 2014, 6:07 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa County voters are days away from deciding whether to extend a current sales tax to make additions to the jail. While some say the additions are needed, there is some opposition to the plan.

Fliers are hitting mailboxes across Tulsa County, from Midtown to Broken Arrow, but no one knows who is behind them.

"Tulsa taxpayers don't have money to burn."

That's the message the fliers are sending. The writer behind them wants Tulsa County voters to say no on Proposition two, which will renew a .026 cent sales tax to expand the Tulsa County jail.

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Sheriff Stanley Glanz, said, "If you spend $100, it's about two and a half cents of $100. That's what the tax is. If you spend $10, it's not even a penny."

Glanz said he received one of the fliers in the mail. Now he's trying to figure out who sent them.

The fliers say they're paid for by the Heartland Accountability Project, which is registered in Virginia, but the postmark says they were mailed in Kansas.

Glanz said his research also shows the agent behind the fliers is based in Ohio.

"I've done a lot of things. I'm very active nationally, so maybe I've done something to upset someone that has some resources," Glanz said.

The mailer asks the question, why are we being taxed again when we raised taxes in 1995 for the jail?

"I've been the sheriff for 25 years, and I wouldn't be asking for this if there really wasn't a need," said Glanz. "It's a public safety issue for our community and we need to do something."

There are two different fliers going around. One tackles the mental health issue, arguing instead of building a larger jail, the county should focus on working with mental health professionals because those issues can't be solved by jail staff.

"When they are in jail, we need to be able to stabilize them, and hopefully find resources when they get out of jail to deal with those people, and that's what this tax is about," Glanz said.

The fliers also say it is unfair to our children, stating criminals get nicer accommodations and Tulsa kids are stuck in old school buildings.

The fliers talk specifically about the jail portion of the tax. Voters will see another proposition on the ballot, which has to do with improving the juvenile detention center.