Tulsa Home Unknowingly Opens Door To Direct TV Imposter

Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 10:43 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police are warning about an imposter posing as a Direct TV serviceman. One family is shaken up after they mistakenly opened their door to him.

It made sense for one family to welcome a Direct TV serviceman into their home; they just got a new Direct TV system three weeks ago. But as it turned out, the man was likely nothing more than an intruder.

It seemed suspicious from the moment a man, claiming to be with Direct TV, stepped in the door.

"Didn't give us his name, no credentials or nothing," said Nikkolas Contrearas.

Contrearas was one of seven people, and a baby, that was at a Tulsa home Sunday afternoon, when police say a white man in his mid-50s, wearing dark glasses, a brown jacket, jeans and boots, knocked on the door.

"He seemed like a businessman to me. He was real clean cut, but he didn't take off his glasses," Contrearas said.

He said his cousin saw the man's tan Trail Blazer, with a magnetic Direct TV logo, and let him in to take pictures of their recently-installed TV system. But the man never took a picture.

"He wasn't taking pictures, he was on his phone texting," said Contrearas.

Contrearas said the man started stumbling, acting strange, as he stepped out back to see their satellite.

"My cousin followed him out there and when he walked back up the stairs, my cousin Jordan was standing right there and he tripped over the steps, knocked down the chips, spilled the water bowl, knocked down the chair," Contrearas said.

He then tried to go into the bedrooms. That's when Contrearas and his cousins really started questioning him, until the man ran off.

"He was trying to get out really fast," Contrearas said.

When mom, Jennetta Wright, came home and called Direct TV, they told her he wasn't there on behalf of the company.

"He just played it off so well. He could easily fool somebody else and it not turn out so good," Wright said.

Direct TV does not use magnetic logos on their cars. They use stickers or paint and say they call before showing up.