Tulsa Police: Man Wrecks Wife's OSU-Tribute Camaro, Blames Corvette

Thursday, March 13th 2014, 9:08 am
By: Richard Clark

A man says he wrecked his wife's Camaro because a Corvette ran him off the road Wednesday night and witnesses back up his story.

The man was diving his wife's orange Camaro eastbound on I-44 at 11 p.m. when he started to take the 41st Street/Sheridan exit. He told police that's when a black Corvette went speeding past him on the ramp.

When he swerved to avoid a collision he lost control, running over a curb and striking a utility box and two signs before the car went airborne and landed in a parking lot with four blown tires.

People who had seen the Corvette driving erratically on I-44 got off the highway and circled around to the wreck scene to tell police what they'd witnessed.

Police believe the Corvette was traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour on the highway.

The Camaro driver had minor injuries and EMSA took him to the hospital.

He told police his wife is a huge OSU fan and used the car as a way to demonstrate her support for the school. Officers say he wasn't sure how he was going to break the news to her about the wreck.