Green Country Professional Learn About Co-Working

Friday, March 7th 2014, 6:33 pm
By: Dave Davis

Young professionals from all around Green County got together in the Brady District Friday to learn about something called co-working. It's supposed to help people from different businesses work together, and it may be catching on in Oklahoma.

Organizers of Tulsa Works 2014 said co-working is usually not loud, but when you pack 150 people into the old Ford Building at Main and Cameron, which hasn't been used in 25 years, it can be exciting.

There were there to learn about co-working, a concept where businesses can rent a desk in a large space, sometimes for only a few hours a month, sometimes for a year.

Small business owners, like Dustin Curcon, founder of the Narrable App, can see the value

"It's a place where you can point, if someone's interested in getting into a startup space, you can say, 'Go here, this is where you need to be'. So I'm really excited for what Tulsa's doing," Curcon said.

Even a celebrity stopped by to see what the buzz was about. Isaac Hanson of the Hanson Brothers, whose studio is right around the corner, thinks co-working could catch on here.

"Especially for artists and creative types who, often times spend a lot of time working on their laptops at coffee shops," Hanson said.

And the chance to get together with people you wouldn't normally see at the office could be another upside.

"You may have a designer over here, and a developer over here, and an entrepreneur over here, and they kind of force each other to learn and grow," said Curcon.

"Ultimately, I think if you have the right vision for it, if you have the right design, the right ideas, I think something like that could be really positive." Hanson said.