Creek County Residents Say Owner Neglects, Starves Her Horses

Thursday, February 27th 2014, 6:27 pm
By: News On 6

Frustrations are growing among some in Creek County because they feel the sheriff's office is turning a blind eye to a possible animal neglect case.

Neighbors are trying to make sure the horses don't die, and they say the animals are so thin it is sickening.

Keith Findley said he can see the pain and suffering in their eyes and he wants something to be done before it's too late.

"Anger," Findley said. "Just pure anger that nobody will do anything about it."

Findley manages an oil field on the same property where he says multiple horses are being neglected.

"Being laid down like that, it's not good," he said. "Urinating all over themselves and defecating all over themselves and [they] can't even [stand up and] get out of it."

We watched as a black-and-white stud tried multiple times to stand up.

He just didn't have the strength to make it.

"The neighbors brought that hay bale there because they felt so sorry for him when we were trying to pick him up," Findley said. "Yesterday when we were picking him up, there was no water out here for the animals."

Three others are just skin and bones.

Every step they take looks painful, and one has a gaping wound.

Findley said the horses are deprived of food, they nibble on dirt, leaves or anything else they can find.

"Something has got to be done," he said. "We've made several attempts with the sheriff's department to get something done, but according to them, their hands are tied in what they're able to do."

The Creek County Sheriff's Office tells us deputies have taken pictures of the animals.

Those photos will be sent to a veterinarian to determine if the horses are being neglected.

"I think it's bull crap," Findley said. "I think they're just passing the buck, and in the meantime, maybe they'll die and they won't have to worry about it."

We tried to get answers from the horses' owner.

When we pulled up to meet Findley on the property he leases, the woman who owns the horses told us to leave.

Owner [screaming]: "Out! Out! This is my property get out!"

While she was yelling at us, she said she believes the oil company is contaminating her pond with salt water and that is what is harming her horses.

"I informed her that if she feels that way, she needs to get the ponds tested and see if that is what's wrong. Because if that is what's wrong, somebody needs to pay for this," Findley said.

The sheriff's office said the concerned citizens need to be patient because it could take some time to determine if any charges should be filed.