5-Year-Old Foyil Boy Found Playing On Train Tracks Two Days In A Row

Friday, February 14th 2014, 5:14 pm
By: Craig Day

A little boy is lucky he wasn't hurt after being found wandering, not once, but twice, in Foyil. Now, the Department of Human Services is looking into the case.

Rogers County Sheriff's investigators said Thursday evening just before seven, a five-year-old boy was found by a total stranger playing along train tracks in Foyil.

The Good Samaritan took him to the nearby elementary school where parent-teacher conferences were happening and the sheriff's office was called.

Rogers County Sheriff, Scott Walton said, "They're just not capable of knowing what fear is at age five."

Investigators learned the boy lived a half mile from the school, which meant he would have had to cross four lanes of State Highway 66, and a set of railroad tracks.

To make matters worse, the boy was soaking wet, he said, after falling into a pond.

"Three events happened that I was thankful for, the child didn't drown in a pond, he didn't get run over crossing a four lane highway. And by the grace of God, a stranger picked him up that was a responsible person and not a child molester," said Walton.

The parents told investigators the mom had left to pay rent, and she and the dad, who was home at the time, thought the boy was playing at a neighbor's house. When they realize he wasn't there, they started searching.

"The message you want to send to the people is, wake up and pay attention," Walton said.

What really alarmed Walton even more, is that the boy was also found Wednesday wandering on the train tracks with his eight-year-old sister. In that case, a school employee found them and took the children to their grandmother's house.

"We see situations like this from one household it brings concern to ours," Walton said.

The case was referred to DHS and a caseworker went to the house and determined the children were not in immediate danger, but, DHS will do follow-up interviews with neighbors.

Charges haven't been filed against the parents in the case, but Walton said they're not being ruled out.