Thieves Steal Bikes, More From Sand Springs BMX Club

Tuesday, February 11th 2014, 7:38 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Thieves broke into a storage unit belonging to the Sand Springs BMX club. Now the races are off and the search is on for their stolen equipment.

Besides the break in at the BMX track, someone broke into a car at River City park and took some equipment from a softball field.

The Sand Springs BMX track is in a quiet corner of River City Park; that's part of the appeal for riders and fans, and possibly for thieves.

Over the weekend, someone broke into the BMX club's storage container and took an air compressor, some bikes, and the mechanism that works the starting gate.

Roy Kline, with Sand Springs BMX said, "Without that, we can't do anything."

The club normally races once or twice a week all year long, weather permitting. Now, they've had to cancel this week's race because key pieces they need for the starting gate are gone.

The club is trying to borrow the equipment they need to get back to racing, but it's specialized and hard to find, and replacing it new is very expensive.

The club's concession stand has been broken into several times, but the loss was small. This time thieves took about $3,500 worth of gear, most of which would have little value to anyone else.

Assistant Chief Mike Carter with Sand Springs Police, said, "It is a big thing, we hate to see that and obviously we'd like to get some help from the public to solve that crime."

"When you have something like this happen, you don't have the extra money to replace it," Kline said.

He said the club helps encourage good sportsmanship and determination, which is why he's determined to get back in business as soon as he can.

"They're not taking from the adults, they're taking from the little kids, our youngest rider is 18, 19 months old.

The BMX club has set up a Facebook page, hoping to get donations and they're hopeful they'll be able to borrow some equipment in time to race this Sunday.