Snow Causes Headache For Tulsa Drivers

Sunday, February 2nd 2014, 10:57 pm

A sudden heavy blanket of snow created a flurry of car accidents, mainly between 9 and 11 a.m. on Sunday. That was the peak of the snowfall.

The poor visibility was one thing, but the snow was unusually slippery at the beginning, and it led to a lot of trouble.

One of Tulsa's busiest streets was a really busy parking lot for several hours.

Drivers who were overly optimistic their sports cars would make it through the snow ended up on the side of the road, blocking traffic.

Most could make it given enough time, but the slowdown just made things worse.

"You have to have a certain amount of momentum to get up the hill, but they creep along, and next thing you know they're in trouble," a driver said.

One of the most dangerous trouble spots was 61st Street and Sheridan Road, where police blocked off traffic after several wrecks.

Several cars slid down the hill out of control, like a SUV that hit a backhoe.

"Some of the worst I've seen it," TPD Officer Kelly Young said. "It's not too deep, but it's super, super slick and so people can sometimes get up hills, but getting down them is a whole other adventure."

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A few wrecks led to minor injuries, like a rollover at Eighth and Lewis, but the majority of them were fender benders when people just couldn't stop.

Getting started was just as big a problem.

Cars with rear-wheel drive seemed to be having the most trouble, while heavy trucks and four-wheel drive were able to get around.

"I'm regretting coming out here, I didn't really need to come out here at all," a man said. "I was going to work and to Walmart. You don't need to go to Walmart right now. Walmart can wait; Walmart will be there in the morning."

The city responded with snow plows and salt spreaders and the roads quickly improved, but a lot of drivers were caught in the middle of it and couldn't get home before the roads were covered with heavy snow.

A lot of people only made it home because they were pulled out by Good Samaritans with 4-wheel drive.