Tulsa Utility Crews Flooded With Broken Water Line Calls

Friday, January 10th 2014, 7:32 am
By: Dave Davis

Warmer temperatures created a new flood of problems for the city of Tulsa.

Crews were fixing dozens of water lines all over the city.

The city is asking for people to be patient.

This was an all too familiar site around Tulsa on Friday morning.

The city said they have seen around 40 water line breaks in the last two days; 17 alone, between Thursday night and into Friday morning.

"The neighbor came and told me they were going to shut off the water, and so I filled a bunch of soda pop bottles with water," said Charles Sweeny.

And for people in Tulsa who haven't seen a drop in water pressure, or a cut-off altogether, it's probably not over yet.

Tulsa Water Distribution Manager, Rick Caruthers said, "When you have some snow that's melting we usually are busy. And the guys are ready for that and expect it."

Caruthers said the weather is to blame

Sudden changes in temperatures and water seeping into the soil causes it to shift, breaking water lines.

"It was coming out of the ground at probably ten gallons a minute for seven hours before they finally shut it off," Caruthers said.

At the city offices, Caruthers understands peoples' frustration, but they've called in crews on their days off to come in and help get these lines fixed."

"We are gonna work that break until we get it back in service," said Caruthers. "Be patient with us and please drive very slowly through the work zones."

Some of those crews will have a seven day week, working 12 hour shifts, to get everything back on line.

If you know of a water line break, the City of Tulsa is asking you to call them at 918-596-9488.  Officials say that number is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.