Tulsans Find Ways To Have Fun In Snow Despite Harsh Cold

Sunday, January 5th 2014, 6:50 pm
By: News On 6

Sunday's snow gave many folks in Green Country a perfect excuse to get outside and play.

We found plenty of people who came outside today to brave the cold before even colder temperatures settle in on Monday.

Downtown Tulsa was covered with snow, and everyone was bundled up.

"It's a lot of fun when you're dressed for the winter and you're warm, you can get out here and enjoy it despite the cold," parent Lisa Anderson said.

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Monster Jam and Winterfest are attracting hundreds to the area, which might be why contractors were busy clearing the sidewalks.

Some used traditional methods, like snow shovels and plows, while others were a little more creative with leaf blowers.

But it wasn't all work outside on this Sunday. Some kiddos took full advantage on the infamous hill near Harwelden Mansion, located at 2210 S. Main Street.

"We wanted to sled," parent Rob Irwin said. "We have never sledded before. After church we decided we'd come sledding."

Reporter: "How fast did you go?

Aspen Irwin: "Super-duper fast."

While that little 3-year-old was a beginner, Mackenzie Moore and her brother Ethan are a little more on the experienced side.

"We just saw the snow, and we don't get snow very often anymore, so I just thought we should come out here and do it," she said.

They had their ski gear on and they were ready to hit the Tulsa "slopes."

They even gave a reporter a little lesson on how it's really done.

After the fun was over, Mary Bevan tried to find her car under a block of ice.

"I don't really mind," Bevan said. "It's Oklahoma, bipolar state, whatever. You just got to do what you got to do."

She has this advice for other drivers.

"Drive carefully," she said. "Don't wreck your car cause that wouldn't be fun."

And, unfortunately, some people found that out the hard way.

They pushed their car to safety after sliding on ice and hitting a truck. One person was hurt.

We also saw a car spin out on the Broken Arrow Expressway.

An off-duty EMSA worker checked on the driver. Luckily no one was injured there, but the driver did blow a tire.

If you have to be on the roads, take it slow. While the snow is falling, "Operation Slick Streets" is in effect in Tulsa. That means if you have a non-injury accident, you need to exchange insurance information and file your own collision report, instead of calling police.

You can download the collision report form here or pick one up at any Tulsa QuikTrip.

It was brutally cold outside on Sunday, and our WARN weather team says the temperatures only will drop. Wind chills are expected to be between -10 and -20 on Monday.

If you're planning to be outside as the frigid temps plummet, remember to dress warmly and cover as much skin as possible, even your face. It's a serious matter, our meteorologists say.

When temperatures settle into the negative teens and possibly negative 20s, it only takes about 20 minutes for frostbite to occur on exposed skin.