Tulsa Christmas Day Workers Give Gift Of Labor

Wednesday, December 25th 2013, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

Firefighters and police officers aren't the only ones working on Christmas, there are lots of people who step up to help us have a happy holiday.

If you needed bread milk or eggs for Christmas morning, Quik Trip was just about it.

"We've got people coming in looking for eggs, not a lot of places open," one worker said.

Busy but not too busy, at the 15th and Denver downtown QuikTrip. Most of their customers come from those downtown businesses, but it's Christmas so pretty steady.

Meanwhile over at EMSA headquarters crews are cycling through for a meal. It's a holiday so some of those who are off will cook for those who are working.

Assistant supervisor Jake Tollette says holiday work is part of the deal.

"We typically plan our holidays and family time around my work schedule," Tollette said.

Speaking of work - an 8-inch water line broke downtown, so one of the Public Works Department crews headed out there to fix it. It didn't look like much fun.

They had to shut the water off temporarily, but hopefully these guys are already home with their families.

"My daughter's not too happy about it; I'm OK with it though, said Kim Hague of EMSA.

Helping people have more Christmases with their families is what EMSA is all about...

"It's Jesus' birthday, so what better gift?" Kim said.

Well said. Merry Christmas, everyone!