Tulsa Girl Falls Out Of Car, Hit And Killed By SUV

Sunday, December 22nd 2013, 7:14 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police are investigating how a little girl fell out of a vehicle on a highway Sunday afternoon. She died after being hit by an SUV that didn't stop at the scene.

Police identify the victim as 16-month-old Emarie Jones.

Emarie was 16 months old and if her pictures are any indication, she was a beautiful, happy child.

Conswayla Ross witnessed what happened. "I started screaming, it's a baby."

Ross had turned off of Pine to head north on the Tisdale Expressway when she saw something in the street, then realized it was a child, bundled in a coat, wearing little boots.

Before she could react, an S-U-V hit the little girl and kept going.

"I seen the truck hit the child and once it did, her boots flew. My 10 year old was in the car with me and was screaming and I see a lady in a tan SUV run into the street to pick the baby up and the baby was just limp," Ross said.

She said it happened so fast and such a terrible shock.

"I remember her taking the coat off the baby and holding her and screaming. When traffic cleared, I pulled up behind her, she was sitting on the ramp. My daughter was screaming is the baby okay and I said, are you okay? She was just screaming."

The mother then raced off to the hospital but little Emarie didn't make it.

Police aren't sure how it happened but were told Emarie was in a child seat with a lap belt across her.

"We did see the car seat in the backseat last night. It's a high back booster seat that can be used as an infant seat or a booster," said Sgt. Chris Witt, Tulsa Police Department.

They're looking at whether the lock malfunctioned or if the car door wasn't latched, even if she or one of her siblings might've unhooked the belt. They just don't know, but they do want to talk to the driver of the SUV.

"No one's in trouble, there's no reason to believe foul play was involved. We really believe it was a total accident," Sergeant Witt said.

Conswayla has a newborn of her own and will never forget what she witnessed.

"That was the hardest thing on earth I have ever had to see," she said.