Tulsa Woman's Photo Of 'Creepy' Icicle Goes Viral

Wednesday, December 11th 2013, 9:43 am
By: Richard Clark

A Tulsa woman is surprised at the reaction she's received after sharing a photo of her "firsthand" brush with winter weather.

Kimberly Griffin took a photo of an unusual icicle hanging near her front door and sent it to the News On 6 share page.

The icicle resembled a human arm complete with an icy hand at the end of it.

Griffin, who lives near Yale and Admiral, noticed the icicle Sunday morning. 

"I saw it first from the side and noticed it had 'branches' coming off of it. Then when I saw it from the front realized it looked like a creepy skeletal hand. I went back inside, got my phone to take a few pics of it. The first pic I took was during daylight and you couldn't see it really well against the white of the house. The second pic I took that night and that's the one I sent to y'all," she wrote in an email.

News On 6 shared it on our Facebook page and it quickly went viral, with most people posting the same one-word description: "creepy."

See the News On 6 share page.

Griffin said some people have said her house is haunted, but she laughed that off. She said a friend suggested she name it Slick.

As of Tuesday night the icicle had melted a bit but was still there. 

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