Tulsa Road Conditions Challenge Drivers, Work Crews

Friday, December 6th 2013, 6:07 pm
By: News On 6

Crews with the City of Tulsa have been out clearing the roads since Thursday evening. The drivers are working in 12 hour shifts, and Friday afternoon's break from the snowfall helped them get the roads ready for the overnight freeze.

It's been that kind of day in Tulsa. From drivers battling the slushy build up to city crews clearing a path.

"Right now we're just concentrating on plowing to get the snow and slush off the roadways before it starts freezing tonight," said Tim McCorkell, street maintenance manager.

On ground level in Tulsa, Kevin Rabb is behind the wheel for his second shift since the snow began falling Thursday afternoon.

He's been doing this for 12 years and says he's seen it much worse.

"This is not bad at all, not at all," he said.

The city of Tulsa has 63 salt trucks, 45 of those have plows. They hit the road Thursday afternoon and haven't stopped. The hard part is staying ahead of the storm.

"When we're getting a lot of snow it's kind of tough to plow and stay on top of it; it keeps snowing and comes and fills in right back behind you," McCorkell said.

One trouble spot in town has historically been Yale Avenue from 61st to 81st. We found a car abandoned in a ditch on Yale near 81st Street.

A mile up the road, Tommy Dixon hit a patch of slush, and it wouldn't let go of his car.

"It was pretty frustrating, pretty frustrating but I am very appreciative of people like him coming to help me so that helps a lot," Dixon said.

That help was from Brad Clayton. He's been driving around town looking for people who need a quick tow.

"Well, I'm a frame carpenter by trade but just trying to stay busy today," Clayton said.

Back on the road, a warning from salt truck driver Kevin Rabb, be careful when see these trucks. It is illegal to pass a salt truck because it's considered an emergency vehicle.

"You try to pass, you may slide, and like I said, if you hit that plow your vehicle will be cut wide open," he said.

City crews will be out all weekend, continuing to work in 12 hour shifts. They just ask that everyone is patient as they make their way around town.