Family Of Girls Killed In Tulsa Apartment Fire Shocked By Aunt's Murder Charges

Tuesday, November 26th 2013, 10:43 pm
By: Tess Maune

After a fire at London Square Apartments last Monday killed two young girls, firefighters ruled it an accidental cooking fire. But Tuesday, the aunt, who was caring for the two girls at the time of the fire, was charged with two counts of second degree murder.

The mother of those two girls told News On 6 her sister should have never been charged.

Miashah Moses has been in the Tulsa County jail for a week, after she was arrested on complaints of child neglect. Her family said then she wasn't to blame. They were shocked by the second degree murder charges.

If losing her two precious girls hasn't been tough enough, Keahmiee Moses is now bearing the burden that her sister, Miashah, is being blamed for her daughters' deaths.

"My sister is not a murderer," Keahmiee said. "The public is hurting me, dearly, and my sister loved my kids."

Keahmiee said her daughters, 4-year-old Noni and 18-month-old Nylah, were crazy about their aunt. The four of them had just recently moved to the London Square Apartments together. Miashah would take care of Noni and Nylah while Keahmiee was at work.

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"They love her, you know? Auntie Mo. And I love my sister and I'm telling Tulsa that I love my sister and I'm [their] momma," Keahmiee said.

Keahmiee had left the girls with her sister, but police say Miashah had left the apartment with food cooking on the stove when the fire broke out.

She told police she was only gone for a minute to take out the trash.

"She loved her nieces. She would have died for them," said Chrisandria Moses, the mother of Keahmiee and Miashah. "She went back in the house several times trying to save them."

Miashah was charged with two counts of second degree murder Tuesday. Keahmiee said she learned of the charges Monday, within hours of saying her final goodbye to her two little angels.

"The same night that I put my kids to rest, it's just--it hurt, you know?" Keahmiee said.

Police say security cameras show Miashah was outside the apartment for up to 10 minutes. The police report shows she admitted to stopping and talking to a friend.

Miashah is being held in the Tulsa County jail without bond.