Multiple Crashes Snarl Morning Traffic In Green Country

Monday, November 25th 2013, 7:24 am
By: Dave Davis

It didn't take much wintry weather to cause problems for Green Country drivers Monday morning.

In Tulsa, Highway 169 was icy between 41st and 61st Streets. There were two wrecks involving four vehicles where Highway 169 crosses over 41st. The second crash happened while first responders were working the first one.

Tulsa Police tell us they worked at least 20 accidents in the city Monday morning.

In downtown Tulsa, the commute was pretty smooth, but out east, where we saw freezing rain, there were some problems.

There were several accidents in Rogers County. News On 6 was on the scene of two wrecks on the Will Rogers Turnpike, near the Verdigris River. Troopers tell us seven vehicles were involved. We saw one SUV that had been flipped on its side. Other vehicles had noticeable damage.

One person was taken to the hospital there.

And State troopers just east of Tulsa were busy with five crashes, involving up to 20 vehicles, in this stretch of road where Highway 412 crosses the Verdigris River.

Two people were taken to the hospital

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain George Brown said, even if drivers weren't speeding, they still needed to slow down.

"It can be very dangerous anyway, but when you add icy conditions, any kind of sleet or weather condition on the roadway, it just makes it that much more extreme," Brown said.

Brown said, in some cases, when drivers are going too fast for the road conditions, accidents could be avoided by thinking ahead.

"When weather conditions warrant extra time and extra attention to the roadways, we urge people to do just that. Plan your travels," Brown said.