Oklahoma Pet Communicator Claims To Read Animals' Minds

Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 6:52 pm
By: News On 6

Most pet owners have looked at their dogs or cats and wondered what they're thinking.

Well, we may have found someone who can tell you just that.

Pam Case is a pet communicator. She said she has a special intuition where animals are concerned. So, Photojournalist Todd Ruffin and I brought our dogs down to the Guthrie Green to meet her.

"I've probably talked to 3,00 0or more animals," Pam said.

Animals of all kinds, she said, but we were more interested in what was on our dogs' minds.

"I got a snapshot of your dog eating cheese," Pam said.

Now, many dogs like cheese, so that could be a lucky guess, but the fact is, I gave Dottie some cheese that morning.

"She also told me you rescued her," Pam said.

True enough. Perhaps she was guessing, but she guessed right each time.

"She also said she brought life back into your house and that she's really your wife's."

All true. And she asked if Dottie had been suffering with an illness or allergies. Yep--allergies and just recently.

Next up was Todd Ruffin's dog, Togo.

Todd's older dog died, and he and his wife, Lisa, were concerned because Togo got so depressed.

Pam picked up on it. She said Togo told her it was Lisa's mood that upset him. At that point the tears came and Lisa realized Togo was upset because she was.

They got a new puppy, and Togo is happy now.

Whether it really was pet communication, intuition or guesswork - Case was right in every instance.

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