Former Republican Tulsa City Councilor Critical Of Mayor Bartlett

Thursday, November 7th 2013, 6:27 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Another Republican former city councilor is criticizing Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett's handling of the budget, but not endorsing his opponent.

John Eagleton, a former city councilor, who was often at odds with Bartlett on legal and budgetary matters, said Thursday that Bartlett is "not a fiscal conservative" because of the increasing size of the city budget.

Eagleton said, "Tulsa is still waiting," for leadership from the mayor on the budget, which Thursday was estimated to have a $6 million dollar shortfall.

The city council met Thursday to consider efficiency measures recommended by an outside auditor, yet never implemented. The annual projected savings was $9.7 million when the study was completed in July 2010.

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Below is the full letter written by John Eagleton, titled, "Mayor Dewey Bartlett is not a fiscal conservative":

"As a former City Councilor, I share my opinion that Mayor Dewey Bartlett is not a fiscal conservative. He has allowed the City budget to grow to an irresponsible level.

"Mayor Bartlett expanded the budget to extraordinary amounts over the last three years. The three largest budgets in the City of Tulsa's history have been during his administration.

"Today , news reports the projected budget shortfall is over $6 million.

"In the six weeks since the City of Tulsa's budget deficit was first disclosed, I've watched with avid interest for leadership from Mayor Dewey Bartlett. Tulsa is still waiting.

"Like others who have previously served Tulsa in an elected role, I understand the ramifications of not moving quickly to adjust the budget and curtail an out of control deficit.

"The head of the Office of Management Review remains unfilled and we've learn the City Council must take the lead in implementing the KPMG study cost reductions.

"I remain simply an observer in the Mayoral race, and expressly offer no endorsement for either candidate."