Authorities In North Tulsa County Investigate String Of Home Burglaries

Thursday, October 31st 2013, 5:47 pm
By: Craig Day

Collinsville and Skiatook Police and Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a number of home burglaries that have happened over the past couple of weeks.

One couple is thankful they didn't lose any of their valuables. When Donald and Eleanor Lenaburg returned from helping their daughter in Moore, whose home was destroyed by the tornado, they noticed a tear in one of their window screens.

"And I said, 'Dadgum raccoons have been tearing my screen off,'" Donald said.

Rather than a raccoon, it was a thief, trying to find a way inside. But they were deterred by stickers saying the house has an alarm system.

"Dumb crooks, but they're smart enough to know we better not break glass," Donald said.

But not smart enough to stop trying just about every window. The thieves went to the back of the house and tried again. Finally, the thieves left without getting inside, but they did break into a home a few doors down, taking jewelry and cash.

"The lowest of life. You know, go out and work, do something," Donald said.

While the break-in was just outside Collinsville's city limits, Police Chief Jimmie Richey has good information to protect homeowners.

"Good locks on their doors, good deadbolts," Richey said.

Richey said thieves want to hit a home fast, so having an alarm system, like the Lenaburgs', is important.

"If you have an alarm system, use it. I don't know how many people say, 'It's too much trouble to turn my alarm on.' Well, alarm systems are absolutely one of the best defense systems you can have," Richey said.

The Lenaburgs think their alarm was enough to make the thieves back off their house.

Now, just about everyone in the neighborhood is taking extra security precautions.

They didn't lose anything, except some peace of mind.

"Well, it's disgusting," Donald said.

"A lack of humanity, in feeling for other people," Eleanor said.

Collinsville Police are sharing information with Skiatook investigators and Tulsa County deputies to see if the burglaries are related. Skiatook has had 18 home burglaries in October.