Downpour Soaks Building Of Tulsa Charity Desperate For Repairs

Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 5:59 pm
By: Craig Day

All the rain flowing in northeastern Oklahoma comes at a bad time for a Tulsa charity.

The group "Loaves and Fishes" hopes for an outpouring of support after the downpour exposed a very leaky roof.

Each month, Loaves and fishes helps 500-600 families with groceries and the gospel. Now with the rainy weather, they're asking for help.

There always seems to be a steady stream of people needing help at Loaves and Fishes at 19th and Garnett.

They're always welcome.

But when it rains, there is a steady flow of water into the building.

That's not so welcome.

"When it really rains hard, this is one of our worst places," pastor Milo Reno said.

At the building where the ministry has been for 25 years, providing groceries, a meal and sermon twice each week, water is getting into the warehouse, drop after drop after drop.

And it doesn't stop until the rain ends.

Reno hoped to put off addressing the need for a new roof a little while longer.

But the rain has reinforced the necessity of getting it done -- and soon.

"Wherever the split is in the roof, it gets under it and flows down until it finds a place to come out," Reno said.

The cost will be about $30,000 and the timing couldn't be worse. The ministry already asks a lot of its donors this time of year, especially going into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

"Now to have this unexpected expense come up, so we just can't continue to ask people to give and give and give," Reno said.

Construction will begin as soon as the weather dries out. Reno has faith they'll be able to get it done and the buckets can be put away.

If you'd like to help Loaves and Fishes, you can find its website by clicking here.