Pryor Couple's Generosity Remembered At Funeral

Saturday, October 26th 2013, 10:17 pm
By: News On 6

The "first family of Pryor" was remembered on Saturday by hundreds of their co-workers, friends and family.

A funeral was held today for Ivan and Edina Williams, the couple who died earlier this week when their single-engine plane went down over Arkansas.

The service was about celebrating the Williamses' lives, and all the work they did in the community, instead of focusing on the tragedy that cut their lives short earlier this month.

"We all have stars in our lives, and Ivan was a star in my life for many years," friend Bill Evans said.

Evans knew the couple before they started dating, and is the godfather of their youngest son.

"He was a giver, he was a friend to people who needed friends."

"Anywhere they went they made an impact," Evans said. "He never did anything halfway and neither did she."

Becky Evans said the Williamses' kindness and generosity will be remembered through the numerous non-profits, churches and charities they supported.

"They never expected praise for what they did, it was done genuinely out of their hearts," she said.

The Williamses loved to travel, and it was during one of those trips that their lives were cut short on Oct. 21.

The couple was on its way back to Oklahoma from a football in Alabama, when their single-engine plane went down over rural Arkansas.

Rogers State President Larry Rice was hit hard by the news.

"You can probably not find anyone in this community that Ivan and Adina didn't help in some small way," Rice said.

Rice said the Williamses also contributed to the Rogers State Campus in Pryor, but that it was the contributions no one knew about that speaks volumes about their character.

"If someone needed a window replaced that had no means to do it, they were on a fixed income, if Ivan knew about it, Williams Construction would fix it," Rice said.

The Williamses had just celebrated the birth of their first grandchild and will be survived by four sons and hundreds of friends.

"Their genuineness and what they gave, I think it will continue to go forward over and over again," Evans said.

The cause of the plane crash is still under investigation.