Ramps At Junction Of Highway 169, BA Expressway To Close This Weekend

Friday, October 18th 2013, 4:34 pm
By: Dave Davis

A big highway construction project could really leave you spinning your wheels this weekend.

Several ramps at the Broken Arrow Expressway and Highway 169 are closed through Monday and a lot of people are not happy about it.

The BA/169 interchange sees an average 118,000 cars a day.

As part of the ongoing bridge repair project that's already stretched for months, this weekend, crews will be putting a surface treatment on the ramps there. And that could mean big headaches for drivers.

"I'm thinking I'm not going to be driving on 169 in this area. It's a cluster already," said Kevin Mykeloff.

Four of the eight ramps at the Broken Arrow Expressway and Hwy 169 will be closed until just before rush hour Monday morning.


• Ramp from eastbound US-64/SH-51 to northbound US-169

• Ramp from westbound US-64/SH-51 to southbound US-169

• Ramp from northbound US-169 to westbound US-64/SH-51

• Ramp from southbound US-169 to eastbound US-64/SH-51

• Right lane of north and southbound US-169 at the US-64/SH-51 junction

"We have had similar closures to this in the past, so drivers have been really good about following the signs, knowing that there's a closure up ahead and planning an alternate route," said Oklahoma Department of Transportation spokesperson Kenna Carmon.

Besides being frustrated, one driver we talked to empathized with the construction crews,

"Those guys are risking their lives every day going out there and working, and man we need to slow down in that area," said Russell Likens.

Eddie Shahin owns Al Sultan Grill and Bakery, at 51st and Mingo, near the interchange. The road outside his restaurant is expected to see heavy traffic, full of drivers trying to find a way back on the highway.

"I know it's definitely going to slow our business down. Let's just hope they'll be done with it this weekend, and it won't take any longer," Shahin said.

But maybe it won't all be bad news. Al Sultan opened three years ago, and Shahin hopes he'll see new faces, who maybe didn't know he was here.

"Some people will reroute and maybe find their way up here or at least drive by and notice the place," Shahin said.

You still will be able to go north and south on 169, even though the right lanes on both sides will be closed. Any way you look at it, driving that stretch won't be fun.

"Its going to be a mess, but that's typical Tulsa. Lately, it's anywhere you seem to want to go, you can't go, and you'll have to take an alternative route," said Marty Magers.

The good news is this is the last major project on the 169 bridge rehabilitation. After this work wraps up, inspectors will look over it. Then, the construction there will finally be over.

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