Victims Say Robbers Barged Into Their Bedroom, Claiming To Be Tulsa Police

Thursday, October 17th 2013, 7:36 am
By: News On 6

An east Tulsa couple were asleep in their bed when two men kicked in their front door and yelled, "Tulsa Police!" But they quickly realized the men in masks were not cops, but robbers.

The couple wanted to remain anonymous, because they are still terrified. They said they were sound asleep when they heard a huge boom as their front door was kicked in, then someone yelling, "Tulsa Police."

Two men ran into their room and turned on the lights. They were wearing masks, so the couple knew immediately it was bad.

"I just started praying and the taller guy came around to my side of the bed and pointed the gun at my head," the woman said. "I just started praying and asking him, please don't kill us, please spare our lives."

She said the men were cursing and demanding money. When her husband said they didn't have any, the men turned violent.

"He fired off a shot two inches from my husband's head. I just knew they'd shot him," she said.

Police found the bullet in the house next door.

Her husband told them his wallet was in the drawer. The men found it, took out the cash and left.

Many neighbors didn't realize anything had happened until it was over and police were in the neighborhood, but nobody likes to wake up and find out something like this has happened right next door.

"It's scary. It makes you wonder, 'Are they going to come back? Will it keep happening?' You don't know," said the victims' neighbor, Tina.

As for the couple, they say it's impossible to explain the fear that gripped them or how they no longer feel safe in their own home. They've gone from feeling fear to rage to feeling helpless, knowing they were so close to death.

"I just prayed. My children and my grandchildren flashed through my mind," the woman said. "I just knew they were going to kill us."

Because the men were completely covered, police have no real description to give of the robbers or their vehicle.

They're asking anyone who saw anything in the neighborhood Wednesday night or heard someone talking about the crime to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.