Godmother Wants Headstone For Tulsa Toddler Allegedly Killed By Mother

Wednesday, September 25th 2013, 10:58 pm

Police say a Tulsa toddler died at the hands of his own mother.

Andrea Smith is in jail tonight, charged with Child Abuse Murder. Court papers show her son, Xavier Wade, suffered from a lacerated liver for days before he died. Police say his mother admitted to the abuse.

The boy's godmother says she's confused because she never knew Andrea Smith to be anything but a loving mother

"His body is resting, but his spirits are soaring high," said Shamika Pasley, the child's godmother.

The grass over 2-year-old Xavier Wade's little grave has yet to settle. It's been less than a month since his tiny body was buried.

"He wasn't the typical 2 year old. He was quiet. He was so laid back," said Pasley. "It was hugs every minute, if you wasn't getting a hug, you were getting a kiss."

Pasley remembers the day her godson was born and the call she got from her good friend, Andrea Smith, Xavier's mom.

"She was like, ‘Will you be his godmom?' And I said, ‘Yes, of course, duh,'" Pasley recalls.

But now she's reflecting on a very different call she got from Smith on September 9.

"She said, ‘Xavier, my baby's not breathing, you gotta get up here.'"

Xavier died at a Tulsa hospital. Pasley says she never expected his mother would be arrested for the death.

"I've never seen her raise a hand to them. I couldn't understand it from the person that I know to the person that they're saying she is and that she's saying she is from the news reports and the police reports," Pasley said.

Court documents show Smith admitted that she lost her temper and punched Xavier in the stomach two or three times in the days leading up to his death.

The affidavit says Smith told detectives she failed to protect her son and said "someone should pay". She told detectives she would turn herself in after Xavier's funeral. But she didn't, and six days later she was arrested and charged with Child Abuse Murder.

Now, thinking her godson could have been abused, Pasley wants to bring peace to Xavier's final resting place, by raising enough money to buy him a head stone.

"It'd be a big honor to him, letting him know he's loved, he's cared for and everybody remembers him," said Pasley.

Pasley said donations for a head stone can be made to the Xavier Wade Memorial Fund at Floral Haven.

Court papers show Xavier also had a possible burn on his forehead and possible bite marks on his stomach. Smith also has a 5-year-old daughter, who is now in DHS custody.