Tulsa Minister Witnesses Syrian Tragedy, Hurt

Tuesday, September 10th 2013, 6:17 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man flew half way around the world to help Syrian refugees. It's a refugee story we haven't heard about.

Video shows Syrian Kurds running for their lives. They are escaping the bombing and the war in Syria to the relative safety of the refugee camps in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

"They are running through the desert with suitcases with wheels on them," said Terry Law, of Terry Law Ministries and World Compassion.

Sixty thousand have fled in just the last three weeks. The threat of U.S. air strikes or missile attacks has increased the urgency with which they are leaving.

Terry Law is the founder of Terry Law Ministries and World Compassion. He has been traveling to the region for the last 10 years and just got back Sunday from his 15th or 20th trip - he wasn't sure.

While there he visited refugee camps and distributed food. The Kurdish Regional government sent him home with video; he said they want people here to know what's happening over there.

"They're talking about the refugees in Jordan and Turkey, but no one has even mentioned the fact that Kurdistan is here, and we have a quarter million of these people," Law said.

He gave me a geography lesson. Law said there are 40 million Kurds living in parts of Syria, Turkey, Iran and in Northern Iraq - a region they call Kurdistan.

"Kurdistan runs right across up here. You got 900 kilometers border between Syria and Kurdistan in Iraq," he said.

They are building refugee camps as fast as they can.

"I've seen tragedy, and I've seen hurt in dimensions it's impossible to describe," said Terry Law of Terry Law Ministries and World Compassion.

He came home this weekend to begin a campaign to do something about it. The campaign he's begun is called "I am Syria."

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