OSU-Tulsa Takes Steps To Make Brand More Visible

Friday, August 23rd 2013, 5:41 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Oklahoma State University is making a new effort to be more visible in Tulsa.

Work is going on right now on a new gateway to the campus downtown.

You might think it's hard to miss what's already there, but OSU-Tulsa believes a lot of people pass by and they don't know what they're seeing, especially those passing on Interstate-244.

Construction started this week on top of what's historically been called "Standpipe Hill," an overlook just north of Tulsa's inner-dispersal loop.

The hill is tall enough to provide a perfect view of downtown, and for everyone downtown to see what's coming to the hill.

"It's kind of a combination of a beautification project and to kind of be a gateway into the university," OSU-Tulsa President Howard Barnett said.

Barnett said it's part of the effort to put the OSU stamp on what's otherwise a campus that could easily pass for something else.

"It's kind of claiming this for OSU and letting people know that's what it is," Barnett said.

OSU-Tulsa plans to level the top of the hill and create terraces down the side to control erosion.

They've cut down trees, but will plant more, and at the top they'll place a large, lighted "O," easily visible from the highway and the Brady District.

The terraces and the new sign on the hilltop will face downtown, while new signs at ground level will clarify where the campus begins.

Since most of the campus was built before it was an OSU campus, it doesn't look anything like OSU in Stillwater.

The work on the hill, combined with new sidewalks and lighting, will cost at least $1 million.

"This will create a very walkable way into the Brady District and hopefully that will help people see we are part of downtown, this is downtown as well," Barnett said.

The Standpipe Hill work will continue through next summer, and be followed by major street repairs for the year after that.

While OSU-Tulsa is staking claim on top of the hill, it won't be building anytime soon on the land around it.

It is available for them, and they have plans for another classroom building, but no timelines yet.