Broken Arrow Neighborhood Again Getting Hit By Stray Bullets

Thursday, August 22nd 2013, 10:48 pm
By: News On 6

Folks in a Broken Arrow neighborhood are on high alert after a stray bullet tore through a woman's garage.

Sheriff's deputies say it may be from irresponsible target shooting.

The neighborhood sits right next to a golf course, which is next to the Arkansas River. Some people say bullets are flying across the river and golf course and landing inside their homes.

This is a problem the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office has been fighting for years. In 2010, we spoke with a woman who said a bullet from a high powered rifle broke through her dining room window and traveled through her house.

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Fast forward three years and the same thing is happening to a different family in the same Broken Arrow neighborhood.

A family came home one day to find a bullet hole in their garage.

Tulsa County deputies say people are target practicing on the other side of the Arkansas River.

"It is not illegal to shoot firearms in the county as long as they do so in a safe manner," said Captain Billy McKelvey.

Neighbors say they hear the shooting for days then it'll be silent for a few weeks, and then the cycle continues.

"It's not the single pops. It's the pop, pop, pop, the automatic weapons that scare me to death," one frustrated homeowner, Vickie, said.

McKelvey said, if people are going to target practice, it's crucial they have a backstop to make sure their bullets don't hit innocent people.

"If a bullet happens to fly in other directions and happens to hit somebody, they can be charged with a manslaughter charge for reckless handling of a firearm," McKelvey said.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office says it has beefed up patrol around the neighborhood and around the river.

Deputies suggest you call 911 whenever you hear the shooting.